Eternal Works

Since 1999 Re-established in 2013

Our Process

How we get it done

While we prefer that you utilize all of our skills and talents; we know that there are time when you only need a simple project done. Our process allows us to partner with you on projects of any size. We can provide you with strategies to help you grow your business, work as your inhouse marketing team on retainer or provide assets for an existing plan. No matter the project; web site redesign, new presentation, video, print or full online marketing campaign, we can help you.

A Quick Snapshot

Remember, we design memories. This is an overview of how we create experiences that your consumers will remember and come back for.

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Defining Goals Challenges & Solutions
Designing, Building & Working On The Solution
Reviewing Our Progress
Putting The Solution In Place

Step By Step

Take a closer look at out process. While this doesn’t show all of our secret sauce; you can see that we have systems in place to ensure the success of every project.


We always start by mapping out a plan. To do this we must work together to define your goals.

Discovery & Search

This is our first step for every project. To learn about your organization and it’s goals, concerns, challenges, and habits. In addition, we research your market to uncover insights and unique opportunities

Goal Setting

This is how we measure the success of each project. Outlining real metrics we will use to measure the success of every project or campaign.

Brand Analysis

Some fun stuff to help us learn your brand’s personality. We work together, with you, to define your brand and find out how your team and customers view your organization’s brand.

Site Mapping

Creating simple paths to help users access content quickly. Define the page and page sets of a site and their relationship to one another.


These are the blueprints that guide every detail and ensure success. Defining the type of content needed for varying page sets.

Thumb Sketches

Capture a multitude of ideas quickly and efficiently.

Rough Composites

We can quickly present ideas to get valuable feedback early.

Story Boarding

Capture a multitude of ideas quickly and efficiently.

Script Writing

We can quickly present ideas to get valuable feedback early.


This is where we begin to design, build, produce content and create the things we outlined in the planning phase. Essentially creating all the assets, writing code, designing the look and feel, filimng, editting, and optimizing or whatever else it takes to get the project done or the campaign started.


We always take time to review the project and compare what we’ve developed with the goals we want to reach and to make sure that all the small details have been addressed.

Q & A

Quality Assurance is a critical step in the completion of all work. We work with the client to identfy any issues within the project.

UI Testing

This is a good time to test the site with real users. Even some A/B testing against a previous site or a competitors site. The results can provide some great insight before we launch.

Fine Tuning

Quality Assurance and User Interface testing may expose some bugs within the project. This is where we address and fix any issues.


We always start by mapping out a plan. To do this we must work together to define your goals.


Now that everything is ready to go, we can put the new site online, add the mobile app to the app stores, upload any videos or collateral to the servers.


We work with you to get the proper files in the proper hands so that collateral can be printed and tv commercials can go on air.

Market & Promote

Now that everything is in place, we can execute all of our strategies to promote and share your message with the world.


Celebrate & Repeat

{As needed}