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How Long Do Web Services Take?

23 May 2016
By Tim Jones
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How Long Do Web Services Take?

It’s not uncommon for people to ask or wonder how long it will take to complete their website.  Most of the time this answered in the number of weeks or months the project will span depending on its size.  Since we bill by hours, even though we are often working on multiple project simultaneously over several weeks or months, we wanted to share the number of hours we typically put into each project.

You will find that the ranges a pretty broad, but the smaller your project the more likely it will fall in the lower numbers. In the same way; the larger you project the more likely it will fall within the larger number of hours to complete.

Web Development Service Hours Why or Notes
Discovery & Research 2 – 40+ We do research so that our clients can make decisions based on real data. This may be separated into several meetings depending on the organizations online reach.
Strategy & Planning 8 – 60+ We partner with our clients and work together to define the problem and solution.
Design & UX 4 – 60+ This depends on the complexity of the project.  How many unique interfaces and page elements are required?
Coding/Programming 12 – 100+ A simple site with static pages written in HTML and CSS may only take a few hours while custom online applications can take hundreds of hours.
Responsive Design for mobile devices 14 – 50+ Simple sites with one or two layouts, one for the home page and one for the sub-page will take less hours than a site that has a database and provides a unique experience for each user.
Blog 16+ A blog contains its own home page and several sub-pages.
Animations 8+ It you want text or images that fade or slide in, this will take some additional code.
Additional Sub-page Layouts 8 - 16 For a site to have multiple sub page layouts; it takes additional design, CSS and HTML at a minimum.  Expect this to increase if the layouts need to be responsive as well. (we recommend all layouts  are responsive)
E-Commerce 10+ Installations can be done in a day or two, while styling pages can get very complex depending on which system you choose.  We’d love to help you select the right solution.
Illustrations 4+ We can create illustrations for your site relatively quickly.  These help your site look more custom and can help keep the stock photos to a minimum.
Video 1-4+ Adding video to a site is actually very simple now days. We even have a few ways to save you space and bandwidth on your hosting account.  If you need a video produced the time investment will increase significantly.
Plug-in & Widgets 2+ Installing existing plug-ins is very simple. There may be some troubleshooting involved with newer solutions.  For custom widgets, let’s have a conversation and find out what you would like your site to do.
Ongoing web site maintenance 2+ Depending on the size of your organization, web site and ongoing needs.


As we stated in the beginning, the range is pretty wide, but we want to help guide your expectations as best as we can.  If you would like a better idea of what it will take to develop your website, give us a call or fill out the form on the contact page and submit it.  We’ll get back to you right away and set up a time for us to discuss you project.

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