Eternal Works

Since 1999 Re-established in 2013


E-W Cares - So we gave VA
a little Push.

Our founder and a few of his friends wanted to help new business owners avoid some of the challenges they struggled through. If nothing more share their experiences. Push was born out of this simple idea and married with an idea of giving away E-W's services to a new business each year. The idea was simple so the brand needed to be simple too. Using the shape of a fingernail as the counter in the letter "P" of PUSH help subtly enforce the idea of a gentle push forward.

The Strategy

Planning and Strategy is the cornerstone for every project we deliver. It starts on paper and is refined through the diverse insights of our team. These are the tools we use to make sure our solutions match up with the client’s goals and the project hits the mark.

Research & Discovery

Your brand & your market. What can we learn?

Goals & Requirements

Who are we reaching? What do we want them to do? How do we want them to do it?

Features & Functionality

What must this product do? What is appropriate? What will make it stand out?

Ideation & Conceptualization

What is possible? What is realistic? What is easiest for your audience?

The Design

We wanted the design to give a professional and energetic feel. With some planning and brand analysis we were able to hit the mark spot on.

Move the slide from left to right to compare the wire frame to the design.

Grow Hampton Roads | PUSH

Service & Tech

We allowed each team member to be the authority in their area of expertise. This helped each person to focus on bringing their best work to the table. We feel the results are self-evident.

  • Branding
  • Content Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • User Experience
  • Content Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Social Media Branding

Each team member used the tools they found most comfortable for the job. No need to use a cannon to swat a fly.

The site logo and site turned out much better than I imagined. Collaborating with Tish on the brand & site layout yeilded a better result than I could have done alone. Marcus was able to translate the design for web spot on as usual. Things just click when you have the right team.

Tim J. - Founder

Eternal Works

The Team

This was a no brainer on the team selection. It was just getting out of their way and letting them get the job done. Meet the faces of the people that made this project such a huge success.