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Restoring Life Christian Church

Bringing life to the web

The founders of Restoring Life Christian Church are always sharing a message of hope in Jesus Christ. As their community began to axpand and their name became more prominent in Kentucky, they needed a website to better reflect their ministry and communicate with their members. Eternal Works was brought in to develop a solution that would allow them to easily maintain the site with a professional look and feel that fit the ministry's heart. We were truly blessed to be able to help RLCC with this project.

The Strategy

Planning and Strategy is the cornerstone for every project we deliver. It starts on paper and is refined through the diverse isights of our team. These are the tools we use to make sure our solutions match up with the client’s goals and the project hits the mark.

Research & Discovery

Your brand & your market. What can we learn?

Goals & Requirements

Who are we reaching? What do we want them to do? How do we want them to do it?

Features & Functionality

What must this product do? What is appropriate? What will make it stand out?

Ideation & Conceptualization

What is possible? What is realistic? What is easiest for your audience?

Site Maps

Drafting the simple navigation paths for users to reach their goals are the start of a successful project...

Wire Frames

Wireframes are the “international language” of technology. Drawing detailed plans that every team member can follow is one of the most important tools for our development team. This ensure that the end product is the solution we planned.

Content Strategy

Since content is what drives the web and search, we feel it’s necessary to outline the contents purpose and goals for the project.

The Design

Coveying a young, energetic, professional fitness team that gets solid results was nailed nearly on the first attempt. With the guidance of solid planning and wireframes, we were able to focus on the right photography and creative ideas to produce an inspiring design.

Move the slide from left to right to compare the wire frame to the design.

Restoring Life Christian Church Kentucky

Service & Tech

It takes varying disciplines to deliver the right solutions for each of our clients. OIften more than realized at first glance, so we decided to list out what it took to deliver this website for Restoring Life Christian Church in Kentucky.

  • Content Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • User Experience
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Custom Word Press Theme
  • Custom Audio Player

For those who want to know what tools we used to build this site, we’ve listed the core tech below.

The website looks great and we've had no problems maintaining it.

Larry Parson - Co-Founder

Restoring Life Chirstian Church

The Team

To deliver the right solution for RLCC; E-W assembled the team based on their core strengths. Meet the faces of the people that made this project such a huge success.