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Who are we kidding. You need a mobile friendly website. Today, more than 60% of the planet uses a smartphone to search the web and that number is growing. Providing your users with a site that is optimized to the favourite device increases your chance to convert them and reduces your bounce rate. Make your website visitors happy; make your site responsive. And don't worry; we can easily make your site responsive so you don't have to figure it out.

Mobile First

More than just a single column

For most agencies, making your content align into columns for various devices is the extent of their mobile friendly approach. At Eternal Works, we believe in designing with the user in mind. We take a user first approach that takes into account the content needed on each device for your users.

While there's no way to make a site exactly the same on every device, we can make the experience the same no matter the device. Unfortunately there are way too many devices to make your site identical on all of them, but we can create a responsive experience that keeps your users happy.

Let's get started by discussing your goals and your users. We can quickly identify what devices, browsers and operating systems they use most to visit your site. Then determine what content they look for most across each device. From here, we're ready to start mapping out a user cernter approach based on your visitors.

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